2018 Party Lineup | WARNING: Music May Cause Shaking Booties

We have a badass DJ lineup this year, per ujshz. No rug will be left uncut (we’ll make sure to tape the edges). Please do not repost anything about a DJ lineup on social media, as we aren’t “promoting”, but please DO invite everyone you know to our parties and tell them how RAD they’re gonna be. MORE IS MORE, especially when we’re talking about booties on a dusty dance floor.

Monday Night


9PM – Sunrise

DECADENT OASIS wants to welcome you home with bangin’ music and a sweet vibe to get your Burn kicked off right. We’ll have DCDNT and guest DJs who will rock your world (as well as all surrounding planets). We like it loud and thumpy, but you won’t find any drum & bass in this grove of palm trees!

Our annual welcome home to the greatest city on our little planet party will feature bumpin’ ass beats from the following DJs:9-10:30 Deckard https://soundcloud.com/deckard-dj
10:30-midnight ezwhip https://soundcloud.com/ezwhip
Midnight-1:30 Dulce Vita https://soundcloud.com/dulcevitadj
1:30-3 kev/null https://soundcloud.com/kevnull
3-4:30 Indigo https://soundcloud.com/saint-indigo
4:30-6 Kem https://soundcloud.com/kem_sf
6-7:30 John B https://soundcloud.com/dirtyjohnb

Shake your bootie, spin your poi, rock the floor with your fave toy.
Get on your bike, come and dance as though you were Morgenstern and Gildencrantz.
Be a burner so sensible live by those 10 principles.
In the morning go back to camp drink some water, rub out that cramp.

Decadent Wednesday

DJ Line-up…
2-3:30pm Exoendo https://soundcloud.com/rachel-farinelli
3:30-5pm Posh Josh https://soundcloud.com/poshjoshofficial
5-6:30pm ezwhip https://soundcloud.com/ezwhip
6:30-8pm MelleM/Dyson https://soundcloud.com/mellem-sf/minor-wheel-vol-1
8-9:30pm John B https://soundcloud.com/dirtyjohnb
9:30-11pm Aidan Sokol https://soundcloud.com/aidansokol/like-this-original
11pm-12:30 AM Jill McDonald https://www.mixcloud.com/JillM/

Beats and fun
Starting in the sun
No one will be leaving
As the party rages through the evening
Sure, this poem is trite
but you’ll still be here at night
Dancing to house beats
Wearing only mouse cleats

Decadent Thursday


This party will flow right from the Fantasy Island Themed Art-Car Extravaganza which will take place from 1pm-9pm.

DJ Line-Up
9-10:30pm Ding Dong Brass Tax
10:30-midnight Kem https://soundcloud.com/kem_sf
Midnight-1:30am Simon Mark https://soundcloud.com/simon_mark
1:30-3am Secret Guest?
3-4:30am LeftCtrl https://soundcloud.com/leftctrl
4:30-6am Dyson https://soundcloud.com/aarondysonxavier
6-7:30am kev/null https://soundcloud.com/kevnull
Things will be alright
For one final night
The trees are a site
With glow of colored light
Under crazy this one’s filed
As things begin to get wild
Your blood may boil
Under your hat of foil
‘Cuz DCDNT did toil
To make the dance floor roil
Just this one last time
Before the year ends in nine